Les Victorines du lac
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An authentic pleasure
For the pleasure... of dreaming
For the pleasure... exploring and discovering
For the pleasure... of relaxing
For the pleasure... of a cozy comfort
For the pleasure... of the taste buds
For the pleasure... of choosing
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Wellness package

Massages Duration Price
Swedish / Shiatsu / Californian / Reiki  ( according to availablity of massotherapeute)

Both soft and firm, these massages are acting on muscles, joints, breathing and nervous systems, blood and lymph.

They promote cell regeneration, the elimination of toxins, they can relax and release muscle tension and they revitalize the body.

Your therapist will recommend the type of massage that fits your needs: relaxation, energy or treatment.
60 min
90 min
Hot Stones ( according to availablity of massotherapeute)

Originally from Indian, this massage helps reduce stress, increase circulation, release muscle tension and eliminate toxins.

Selected volcanic stones are slid slowly along the muscles from head to toe and produce multiple effects on the systems:
  • Cardiovascular: respiration and exhalation are enhanced;
  • Gastrointestinal: acceleration or deceleration of gastric secretions, better elimination of toxins and waste;
  • Nervous: stress reduction. It also facilitates the exfoliation of the skin by removing dead cells and increases joint mobility by relieving tension and muscle spasms.
60 min
90 min
Hot Sea Shell ( according to availablity of massotherapeute)

Including massage that unites gentleness and heat of the shells. It is a moment of wholeness and deep relaxation while recalling the sea by slow and fluid movements.
90 min  $100.00
With Herbs Bag ( according to availablity of massotherapeute)

Originally practiced by monks, this relaxing and therapeutic method is a ritual of healing. The two components of bags, herbs and heat are perfectly proportioned to come into perfect harmony with the body.
90 min $100.00
Lymphatic drainage ( according to availablity of massotherapeute)

This massage helps eliminate toxins from the body and lymph circulation in the body and stimulates the immune system. Very gentle pressure exerted on the course of vessels and lymph nodes.
Reflexology ( according to availablity of massotherapeute)

Reflexology aims to mobilize the process of self healing. It is practiced by applying sustained pressure with the fingertips on zones or reflex points located on the feet, hands and ears. These points correspond to organs and body functions. Massaging these points can help restore the balance of vital energy of all glands and organs of the body.
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Lac-Mégantic is waiting for you

Silent and quiet savage area, perfect to slow down and rediscover yourself, the lake and the mountains creat a spectacular backdrop easy to find by the city.


Les Victorines du lac

Address :
1886, route 161 South
City & postal code :
Frontenac, G6B 2S1
Region :
Region of Lac-Mégantic
Phone :
1 866 494 6904 (toll free)
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Last update : April 20, 2019

Les Victorines du lac
1886, route 161 South
Frontenac (Québec, Canada)
G6B 2S1

Printed on: Saturday, April 20, 2019
Phone: 819 583-6904
Fax: 819 583-6906
E-mail: info@victorines.qc.ca
Website: http://www.victorines.qc.ca/