Les Victorines du lac
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For the pleasure... of dreaming
For the pleasure... of a cozy comfort
For the pleasure... exploring and discovering
For the pleasure... of relaxing
For the pleasure... of choosing
For the pleasure... of the taste buds
An authentic pleasure
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Inn Les Victorines du Lac

Born in nowhere's land
Far from city lights
A refuge away from frights
Where peacefulness is at hand.

Overhanging Victoria Bay
Defying the wind, inconspicuous,
Before her swaying quay
In the spring she is gracious.

In the vastness of a starry night
She breathes, she takes some rest
In this enchanted forest
Where the Chaudière flows in delight.

At a few steps from our South neighbour
She shares her coniferous garden
That harbours a variegated den
With journeyers exhausted from labour.

For our travellers we have gracefulness
For they bring us only blissfulness.

Look for our special promotions
For the 20th anniversary celebrations.

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Mercredi 1er février 2017


Since Feb. 2017 > B&B mod .

Mardi 3 janvier 2017


The hot-tub is open just in summer.

Lundi 2 janvier 2017

General information

Lot of people ask about bathroom, even if it is not describe, each room has its own bathroom.

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Les Victorines du lac

Address :
1886, route 161 South
City & postal code :
Frontenac, G6B 2S1
Region :
Region of Lac-Mégantic
Phone :
1 866 494 6904 (toll free)
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Last update : April 20, 2019

Les Victorines du lac
1886, route 161 South
Frontenac (Québec, Canada)
G6B 2S1

Printed on: Saturday, April 20, 2019
Phone: 819 583-6904
Fax: 819 583-6906
E-mail: info@victorines.qc.ca
Website: http://www.victorines.qc.ca/