Les Victorines du lac
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For the pleasure... of dreaming
For the pleasure... of a cozy comfort
For the pleasure... of the taste buds
For the pleasure... exploring and discovering
For the pleasure... of choosing
An authentic pleasure
For the pleasure... of relaxing
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Now painted in yellow, this bedroom is very bright with South view bay-window.

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Joséphine de Beauharnais (1763-1814)

Spouse of the French Emperor Napoléon Bonaparte. Then he loved her with passion, Napoléon is forced to repudiate Joséphine since she had not given him an heir. Joséphine will stay his confidante until the Empire's collapse.


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Lac-Mégantic is waiting for you

Silent and quiet savage area, perfect to slow down and rediscover yourself, the lake and the mountains creat a spectacular backdrop easy to find by the city.


Les Victorines du lac

Address :
1886, route 161 South
City & postal code :
Frontenac, G6B 2S1
Region :
Region of Lac-Mégantic
Phone :
1 866 494 6904 (toll free)
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Last update : April 20, 2019

Les Victorines du lac
1886, route 161 South
Frontenac (Québec, Canada)
G6B 2S1

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E-mail: info@victorines.qc.ca
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